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If I Ever Die
Hammer of Doom
The Bleeding Baroness
Demon of the Deep
House of 1000 Voices
Dead Angel
Clouds of Dementia
My Funeral Dreams




  The Masters of Doom have done it again!

  Candlemass has always been a name familiar with metalheads. Though, it wasn't until their self-titled album in 2005, that I had become addicted to this Swedish Doom act. In that instance, I had to find their entire catalog, and was I glad I did. But, then I hear that this new guy will be taking over Messiah's sorrowful voice on their 2007 release "King of the Grey Islands". Needless to say, I was skeptical and even tried to hate the album because it just wasn't
the Candlemass I had fallen in love with for the past two years. I just couldn't loathe the album and Robert Lowe grew on me. It was obvious that he would be the perfect fit for what is a new era of Candlemass, a heavier era of Candlemass.
 But here we are with their newest release, "Death Magic Doom". An album in it's own category, not only for Candlemass, but for the doom metal genre itself. This isn't your typical slow and doomy release from Candlemass. They took the speed of "King of the Grey Islands" and perfected it here. Candlemass, known as the originators of the "epic traditional doom style", show that there are still barriers to break and styles to innovate in the doom genre. The barriers aforementioned being speed.

 With this album they break away from the typical slow style of doom and speed it up. 
But, where this album really shines is in the vocals of Robert Lowe. There is so much emotion in his voice from the beginning of this album to the end. He doesn't overpower any instrument, but works with them. The best example of this is off the third track, "The Bleeding Baroness", where the guitar riffs seem to be in unison with that of his voice on the chorus. Another great example is the outro to "Demon of the Deep" where he wails away to the main riff and the organs in the background.

    With that being said, the music is superb here as well. Where it may not shine as much as Robert Lowe's voice, everything you'd expect from Candlemass is here, and more! With the opening track, "If I Ever Die", Leif Edling somehow yet again manages to write music
that will mesmerize and captivate you to continue listening. The guitar solos are never out of place and the main riffs are fantastic and catchy, almost addicting. The bass, when audible, is a treat to the ears and Leif Edling shows that he can't just write, but is also a great musician. And the drums, most notably in that of "House of 1000 Voices" are great. It seems like a completely new take on that of Candlemass's previous drum styles. Jans Lindh proves again he's a great drummer in the genre.

  The lyrics, just like any Candlemass, are very well thought out, and even each song tells a different story. Whether it be aboutan immortal ("If I Ever Die"), the Dante's Inferno reference in that of "Hammer of Doom", or that of a sea monster ("Demon of the Deep"), the songs still seem to flow. Nothing is wrong here with the lyrics. Even with the songs that seem to be more story-oriented, there are still the classic doom lyrics that Candelmass is known for. The best example is the closing track "My Funeral Dreams".

"It's dark, I'm blind, I'm trying to climb
Up from the holes into my head
In my dream I stab and I scream
I'm dead without leaving my own bed"

  There is no doubt in my mind any fan of Candlemass will like this album. It's almost perfect. There are some weak tracks like that of "Dead Angel" and "Clouds of Dementia", but they don't hold the album down at all. Candlemass has finally found a winning formula that hasn't been seen by them since their 1989 release, "Tales of Creation". Everything here is in unison and not one thing is more dominant on the album. Robert Lowe proves that he belongs in this monster of a band. Even if you're not a fan of Candlemass (Which seems impossible), I recommend you check out this release.


Review By: Anthony Bittner



































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