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Sonic Excess: Hello, Kristofer. How are you doing today?

Kristofer Dommin: I'm fine, how are you?

SE: Great, thanks. You have so much going on right now. How are you feeling about your tour that's starting tonight?

KD: We are all very excited to get back on the road again and play some places we have been to before and places we have not been to yet. We are going up and down the coastline, then over on to Texas to the east coast. So, we are looking forward to going back and looking foward to playing with "69 Eyes".

SE: I've been hearing conflicting dates for your upcoming album "Love Is Gone". Can you give us an official release date?

KD: February 2nd for the U.S. and February 1st for the rest of the world.

SE: After listening to the album, I noticed you revisited some songs from "Dommin's" self-released album "Mend Your Misery". How did you decide what songs you where going to include on the new album?

KD: I think that when we released our independent album, we just wanted to get more of the eclectic mix of music to showcase everything we do. When it came to recording, I guess what you would call our first real album, we wanted to make sure it was a theme where there was some kind of creation that ran though all the songs. There is still versatility for some of the songs that's still cohesive. So, we picked songs from "Mend Your Misery" that fit the mood we wanted to target on this album. The other songs that were left out may be on future albums.

SE: The production on "Love is Gone" is amazing. Are you happy with the way everything turned out?

KD: Absolutely. We worked with Logan Mader and Lucas Banker on this record. We have had a working relationship since 2005. It was Lucus Banker who found me, and the band, and took us into the studio and made our independent release. They really allow us to be who we are and bring out the best elements. They give us that third-party perspective. During recording, we kept everything authentic. If there was a crack in my voice or a little bit of a tweek on a guitar, we kept it because we wanted it to have a very human feel. I am extremely happy with the way everything came out.

SE: I've been talking with some of the new fans that "Dommin" made on the Warped Tour, and it seems "Dommin" is tough to classify. I'd heard descriptions ranging from alternative to goth. I was wondering how you would describe "Dommin's" music to someone who has never heard it?

KD: I would just call it rock-and-roll with an edge. That's kind of how I coin it. Some people call it goth-n-roll. It's really rock-based music that has some dark overtones.

SE: Two names I think of when I hear Dommin are Dave Gahan, of "Depeche Mode", and Glenn Danzig. Who do you credit as your influences?

KD: Umm... I have so many. I am a huge "Depeche Mode" fan, but, vocally, I have been influenced by everyone from Glenn Danzig to Keith Caputo of "Life of Agony", and from Elvis Presley to Jim Morrison. Those are the guys who appealed to me. They have that deep masculine tone. That's what I listened to growing up.

SE: Were you influenced by anyone outside of rock?

KD: Absolutely. I'm a huge fan of all those old crooners from the 40's. By everyone from  Vaughn Monroe to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. I kind of listen to that stuff more than I do rock music sometimes.

SE: What do you see up next for "Dommin"? What do you see for the future?

KD: In the immediate future it's just going to be constant touring and meeting as many fans as we can. We really like going to different cities and feeling a community vibe. It really means a lot to us when we meet people that have been touched by our music. We look foward to keeping ourselves out on the road and playing as many places as possible. As far as the long term future, hopefully we will have the opportunity to make more albums and just keep doing what we are doing.

SE: Thanks Kristofer for speaking with us today. Do you have any last words for your fans?

KD: We really appreciate all the support. We love getting e-mails and having that contact on Myspace and Facebook. We read every single e-mail and try our best to get back to everybody, without too much delay, and we look foward to meeting them. So, if you come to a "Dommin" show, make sure you come up and say hello.


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