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 July 14th (U.S&Canada)

 July 13th (Europe)


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Roadrunner Records (U.S & Canada) 


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DevilDriver-Pray For Villains

In the late 90's, mainstream metal was plauged with a new sound that was more rap than rock, and headbanging was replaced by jumping up and down. I hate to reminisce about that specific point in time, but aren't we doomed to repeat the past if we forget it?  One of the bands at the forefront was "Coal Chamber ", led by vocalist Dez Fafara. By the early 2000's, the band had ran out of coal and disbanded. Dez re-emerged with a new sound, backed by a new band, that just bled metal and showed a completely different side of Dez. Since 2003, Devil Driver has been gaining momentum with their sound, and a lot of buzz around their live shows. (Even breaking the world record for biggest circle pit, twice!) They have gotten more aggressive, faster, and heavier with age.

 On July 14th (July 13th in Europe), DevilDriver will release their 4th studio album entitled "Pray For Villians", via Roadrunner Records, and will  chizzle this band in stone among metals top elite of today. The opening track "Pray For Villians" is a non-stop freight train that just does not let up until it's derailment at the 4:02 mark, and that sums up this release. It is a hard, heavy hitting album and DevilDriver's most diverse and mature release to date. "Pray For Villians" gives DevilDriver fans a few new elements thrown into the mix,  with a thrashier and more hardcore sound with some melody. Not to worry hardcore fans, there is still plenty of double picking at lightning  fast speeds and relentless double bass, but a lot of the tracks are more structurally sound, so to speak, with songs like "Resurrection Blvd" which offers  malevolent, clean-cut guitar work. Also present on "Pray For Villians" are a few break-downs. The lyrical themes deal with many of Dez's personal strifes and successes, to go along with his deep screams, on such tracks as "I See Belief", "Pure Sincerity", and "Back With A Vengeance". The guitar work is very prominent and dominating on "Pray For Villians", with solos that smoke the frets on  Mike Speritzer's and Jeff Kendrick's guitars with tracks like "Bitter Pill" and "I�ve Been Sober".

 DevilDriver has really has stepped up their game with "Pray For Villians" and have made their strongest and most progressive release to date without comprimising their sound. "Pray For Villians" really shows how far DevilDriver has come, and this album has made them stronger and more solid as musicians. New and old school fans alike will enjoy "Pray For Villians". It is truly a sonic assault on the senses. But don't take my word for it, pick up a copy yourself and form you're own opinion.

DevilDriver will be on tour this summer throught the U.S in support of "Pray For Villians". So check out how the new songs sound live. 


1. Pray For Villains  

2. Pure Sincerity  

3. Fate Stepped In  

4. Back With A Vengeance  

5. I've Been Sober

6. Resurrection Blvd. 

7. Forgiveness Is A Six Gun  

8. It's In The Cards   

9. Waiting For November

10. Bitter Pill  

11. Another Night In London  

12. I See Belief

13. Teach Me To Whisper

14. Self-Affliction (Bonus Track)

15.  Dust Be The Destiny  Bonus Track)

16.  Damning The Heavens (Bonus Track)

17. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden Cover)(Bonus Track)

Review By: Brandon Marshall 


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