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 Halt the presses; alert the media; Rob Halford released a new record!  So, with much enthusiasm (sarc) I planed on having the album play in the background while doing some household chores. BIG mistake! Holy Shit! The "Metal God" is back!


 After releasing Crucible in 2002 and the Christmas special Winter Songs in 2009, I all but have lost faith about his ability to wow the masses. And after releasing the single "The Mower" this year I was certain that his Solo Career was not as strong as the mighty Priest. But now this! Gosh, shivers running down my spine while listening to each and every song on the album. Well not every song, but 13 out of the 14 tracks. And yes boys and girls that was not a typo. That's a 1 and a 4. Guess he couldn't decide which track to cut and delivered a solid album which runs a bit over an hour.


 Released on his own record label, Metal God Entertainment and once again with Roy Z in the production chair, Halford IV - Made of Metal will become one of the great legacies' of Rob Halford's stunning career. There is no doubt in my mind.


 It all starts with "Undisputed", a boxer's anthem which starts right away with a galloping guitar sound and it doesn't let up from there. The whole song is overrun with great guitar solos and memorable riffs. With the second track "Fire and Ice", Rob and the gang are venturing into the Power or even Speed Metal genre for lack of better words. And actually the title track "Made of Metal" is not the strongest song on the album. With its cheesy lyrics and a voice that somehow reminded my of a Cher release I was not that impressed, but somehow it fits and works with the overall scheme of things.


 There are tons of songs that would fit into any Judas Priest release. "Speed of Sound", "We Own the Night" and "Hell Razor" just to name a few. Rob Halford even threw in a ballad named "Twenty Five Years" for our listening pleasure. But this is the only slow song on the album.

"Thunder and Lightning" could turn out to be that Halford anthem where fans hold up their lighters or cell phones (for the younger generation). I guess the only song I don't particular care for would be "The Mower" which thanks god they moved to the end of the album. The whole album is very, very guitar oriented, lead or rhythm, take your pick. "Metal" Mike Chlasciak and Roy Z are doing a phenomenal job on their axes, while Mike Davis is plugging along on his bass. And it does make a difference if you have a veteran drummer like Bobby Jarzombek behind the kit. His performance is superb to say the least and very evident in the song "Matador" with his double bass drumming that will make any (insert name of today’s popular band) drummer blush with envy.


 And let's not forget the vocals of Mr. Halford. That man is 59 years old and still has still the vocal range from when he started some 35 plus years ago. Amazing!


 Do yourself a favor, pick up the record at your local entertainment store and make sure you catch Rob Halford on tour this year. You won't regret it.


4.75 out of 5


Review by: Birgit Haugen













































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