A Taste of Extreme Divinity Tour: 05.13.10 & 05.14 | SONIC EXCESS MAGAZINE 

 ATF SIN­NER (vo­cals, gui­tar) and DE­STROY­ER (gui­tar)

A Taste of Extreme Divinity Tour: 05.13.10 & 05.14 | SONIC EXCESS MAGAZINE


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               From Poland with HATE

 You hear the phrase "Poland death metal" and instantly bands like Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated spring to mind. But watch out, there is a new player in town by the name of HATE. This quartet hailing from Warsaw is no stranger to the extreme metal scene in their homeland and all over Europe, but up until now the North American Continent did not have the pleasure of seeing them live.

 HATE was added to the billing in support of Hypocrisy's "A Taste of Extreme Divinity Tour" and  Sonic Excess made the trip to sunny Southern California to witness history in making. ATF SINNER (vocals, guitar) and DESTROYER (guitar) took the time to sit down with us in Santa Ana, CA to talk about the band, the new album and touring for the first time in North America.

Watch the chat below.

Interview with HATE (Part 1)

Interview with HATE (Part 2)



 Photos,Interview & Editing by: Brigit Haugen






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