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" "You are about to enter a great invention, an experience of awe and mystery...from which you may never return." A voice announced over the PA as the toxic twins Steven Tyler and Joe Perry rose from center stage shrouded in a white fog while the first few cords of off “Draw the Line”, echoed throughout the Denver Pepsi Center. It was clear to the 16,000 in attendance this was not going to be a typical run-of-the-mill rock show, but a spectacle of epic proportions …Aerosmith style!

 Aerosmith is on the horizon of releasing their 15th studio album entitled Music from Another Dimension!, It was been over 11 years since Aerosmith has released an  album of original material, and come November 6th, the wait is finial over.

 Tyler and Perry stalked catwalk that came out a good 15 meters into the crowd and posed for the cameras relentlessly, the video display behind the stage served as the bands backdrop. Perry nor Tyler have seemed to have aged much in the last 20 years, perhaps a testament to the hard-living of their early days when they were known as the “Toxic Twins”. Tyler’s voice was in amazing shape throughout the show, whether on the classic “new” Aerosmith tunes of the ’80s and ’90s like “Rag Doll” and “Living on the Edge,” or the true classics like “Last Child” and “Same Old Song and Dance.” Tyler hit his trademark high-pitched screams every time while staying in key.  Tyler and Perry had the fun inner-play chemistry fans have come to expect from a live Aerosmith show going back and forth the whole night. Tyler strutted the night away with his trademark scarf microphone while spinning in circles and Perry took too the spotlight to sing lead vocals on "Combination" and the Fleetwood Mac cover, "Stop Messin” Around.

 Bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Brad Whitford also frequently moved onto the side stage audience ramps, and Tyler made a crack about Whitford being “wire man” when he almost tripped over his guitar cable, as Whitford was the only one on stage not using a wireless setup. Drummer Joey Kramer took a five-minute drum solo early in the set after his riser got pushed to the front of the stage by some roadies, Tyler briefly joined in by banging on Kramer’s toms while Joey hit the cymbals with his fists.


 Aerosmith showcased the first single off of Music from Another Dimention! with “Legendary Child” and “Ohh yeah”.  Aerosmith was not shy with their back catalog and played a string of favorites spanning over 40 years that pleased fans of every era of the band, but fans hit their peak while Aerosmith played “Sweet Emotion”, and “Walk This Way” during the end of the set. After a brief absence, Perry and Tyler rose once again from the stage as it spat out plums of white smoke in any given direction along with a baby grand piano. While Tyler was seated playing the keys to “Dream On” Perry was standing atop as the crowd lit up the arena with cellular phones and lighters. Aerosmith closed out the set with a strong rendition of “Train-Kept-A-Rollin”, and fans wanted it to keep rolling all night long, but after nearly two hours and 20 songs, Aerosmith took a bow and left the stage.  After nearly 40 years together, Aerosmith put on one hell of a rock show. While their sound and style may have changed over the years, live Aerosmith has not, and still remains pristine.




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