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 Release dates for: No Guts, No Glory

 April 20th (US&Canada)

 March 8th  (Europe)

Record Label: Roadrunner (US)

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The Austrailian Airbourne assault strikes again with guts and glory.

 With a band's sophomore release, they have a chance to fix the mistakes that they made when recording their debut album and create a record that really defines their style and sound for years to come. This double edge sword can be either precurser to obscurity or an opportunity to secure their place. On occasion, a band will stay in their debut mold because it fits them perfectly. Airbourne dose not break out of that mold just yet.

 On April 20th (US), Airbourne will release "No Guts, No Glory", a follow up to their 2007 critically acclaimed debut "Running Wild". "No Guts, No Glory" has already been burning up the airwaves with its first single, "No Way But The Hard Way", landing on the top twenty charts in their native Australia. 






 "No Guts..." sticks to the same formula that worked for Airbourne's debut. With hard partying lyrics and a solid sound, Airbourne has created a pure, no frills, stripped-down rock album. With great production and a much stronger rhythm section than its predecessor, "No Guts, No Glory" provides memorable rock anthems such as "Raise the Flag", "Steel Town", and "Overdrive" and some unrelenting, fast tempo songs like "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" and "Back on the Bottle". Strong bass lines, solid drums, catchy rhythms, and leads with high octane vocals has led to a strong release.

 "No Guts, No Glory" is a great record and just in time for the summer. It's one of this reviewers top pics for 2010, IMHO. But pick up a copy of "No Guts, No Glory" and make up your own mind.


 Track Listing:

1. "Born To Kill"

2. "No Way But The Hard Way"

3. "Blonde, Bad And Beautiful"

4. "Raise The Flag"

5.  "Bottom Of The Well"

6.  "White Line Fever"

7. "It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over" 

8. "Steel Town" - 3:08

9. "Chewin' The Fat"  

10. "Get Busy Livin'" 

11.  "Armed And Dangerous"

12. "Overdrive" 

13.  "Back On The Bottle"

Review By: Brandon Marshall  


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