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August 10th (US&Canada)

 August 9th (Europe)

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Black Label Society

Order of the Black


 BLS (Black Label Society). No explanation, no introduction needed, period. If you don't know who they are you probably lived under a rock for the past 11 years. The band has become a household name in parts because main man Zakk Wylde was shredding on the guitar for Ozzy Osbourne when he started the band in 1999. These days one can't attend a metal or rock show without seeing at least a handful of fans wearing the BLS colors.

 Now it's the year 2010 and Zakk Wylde's BLS is fixing to release their 8th full lengths studio album Order of the Black thru E1 Music on August 10th in North America and August 9th Europe.The new album will feature different CD covers for North America, Europe, Australia and South America/Asia and a limited edition version of the album will include a bonus track of "Can’t Find My Way Home".

 My first run in with BLS was their 2003 release "The Blessed Hellride" and you can say that I have been a closet SDMF from that point on.Over the years, the sound of their music evolved but that signature blues infused southern rock with a heavy dose of heavy metal is still the main focus in every song. A couple of albums ago the classic piano made its way into some songs and a lot of fans didn't like it. To soft, to cheesy and what-not-ever, but in all actuality it fits the sound of BLS perfectly. Zakk continues that recipe with the new release to a tee. There is a perfect mix of hard and heavy metal tunes surrounded by amazing ballads which will put songs like "In the River" to shame.

 Quote by Zakk Wylde:" We can't wait for Berserkers worldwide to hear the symphonic masterpiece that is the new BLS record" I can already hear the critics complain about that this new album is just a continuation of  Shot to Hell (2006) because there are way too many slower songs present. But you know what? Eat your shorts; it works with the overall harmony of the new piece.Now don't get me wrong, BLS didn't get soft on us. There are plenty of heavy songs on Order of the Black. The first three tracks are prime examples with their no bullshit, take no prisoners approach. You get plenty of Zakk Wylde's signature whammy squeals and memorable riffs that will stick to your head after just one listening. Or take "Godspeed Hell Bound", a fast and furious piece that had me head banging from the get-go.

 The overall excellent marksmanship of the musicians surrounding Zakk Wylde is apparent in every song. Excellent drumming, no fillers to speak off, the guitar solos are well placed, and oh my god, do I dare say it, the bass guitar is audible. " War of Heaven"  would be one of the more modern sounding tracks on the whole album. It starts deep and almost evil with just snare drum and cymbals but then the guitars pick up and I am once assured that, yap, it's BLS. Zakk's low voice has that ever so noticeable southern drawl and in "Time Waits for No One" he does an excellent job of hitting the higher notes as well. To be fair there is one song on the whole album that kind of reminds me of Ozzy, one of the ballads named "Darkest Day"

Overall, Order of the Black is a great record. Maybe I am getting softer in my old age, and slower songs remind me of times past, but make no mistake, this latest BLS piece is sure to please the vast majority of listeners, young and old.My favorite tracks are: Time waits for no One, Godspeed Hell Bound, Riders of the Damned, and..., I like them all.Make sure you catch BLS this fall. Zakk and the boys will be on tour and mark my words, they will NOT disappoint you live.    


Track Listing:

1. Crazy Horse

2. Overlord

3. Parade Of The Dead

4. Darkest Days

5.  Black Sunday

6. Southern Dissolution

7. Time Waits For No One  

8. Godspeed Hellbound

9. War Of Heaven

10. Shallow Grave

11. Chupacatra

12. Riders Of The Damned

13. January

Review By: Brigit Haugen


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