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Atom and Evil
Bible Black
Double the Pain
Rock and Roll Angel
The Turn of the Screw
Eating the Cannibals
Follow the Tears
Breaking into Heaven



                                            Heaven and Hell- The Devil You Know
   Black Sabbath, a name every metalhead, no, every person knows. Now, I never
could get into Ozzy Black Sabbath because of the vocals. Needless to say, I was always a fan of Ronnie James Dio's vocals and with that of the instruments of  Iommi, Ward, and Butler. Even though Bill Ward wasn't fond of continuing Black Sabbath without Ozzy and was eventually replaced by Vinny Appice, the drummer of Dio's solo project, Dio. A welcome replacement to
this masterful line-up.

 In 2006, there was rumor of a reunion of sorts with the members of Dio-Era Black Sabbath, but it wouldn't be under the legendary name, Black Sabbath. It'd be under the name of the 1980 Black Sabbath Masterpiece, "Heaven and Hell". And there was a good reason that Tony Iommi chose this. Sure, there was the fact that he wanted to preserve that of the original line up of Black Sabbath with Ozzy, but also because this isn't the Black Sabbath most fans are fond of.

 First off, I'd like to say that with Dio's solo carrer, I had begun to lose faith that the man could still sing as well as that on any of his albums when he was with Iommi, Butler, and Appice in the '80s or even like that of his solo career. That has all changed with that of "The Devil You Know". Right from the opening track, "Atom and Evil", it's very apparent that anyone who has lost faith in the man's voice will have that faith restored. Dio proves on this album that he can still sing as though he were still in his heyday of the 80s.  I don't mean to put down the rest of the music here, by any means. Actually, it's impossible to do so. Some of Iommi's heaviest and best riffs are on this album. The doom feel like traditional Black Sabbath is hidden in the riffs, but it's there. Butler's bass lines are very audible, just like always and very welcome to contribute to this monstrous album. Appice, though the drumming does seem to get repetitive by the end of the album, is at the top of his game. The guitar solos are fantastic. Like that on the single track "Bible Black". On the note of Bible Black, it's got to have one of the best acoustic openings ever on a Black Sabbath album, Ozzy and Dio era alike.

 This album, is pretty much perfect. Any fan of any era of Black Sabbath should welcome this album with open arms. The instruments remind me of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", but with the vocals being that of "Heaven and Hell". It's what that of perfection sounds like. This album should not be missed by anyone, fans and metalheads alike will enjoy this album from beginning to end.  Whether it be the doomy feel to "Atom and Evil" and "Neverwhere", or it be the
acoustic into heavy transition of "Bible Black". Not a metal fan? Well, there's also a bit of classic rock here, just like classic Black Sabbath, like that of "Rock and Roll Angel".
There's something here for everyone. Do yourself a favour and pick up this album as
soon as you can. Do not miss this one!



Review By: Anthony Bittner





























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