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 July 7th (U.S&Canada)

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Metal Blade (U.S & Canada) 


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Job For A Cowboy-Ruination 

Glendale, Arizona�s heavy metal rockers Job For A Cowboy has released their second studio album entitled �Ruination� as of July 7th, 2009. Job For A Cowboy is a band for true modern day metal heads complete with very heavy down-tuned guitars, deep vocals, pounding drums, and extremely fast double-bass licks. Following up their 2007 debut release �Genesis�, Job hit the studio to make their latest release �Ruination� much more powerful, faster, heavier and better overall than their debut album. In the release of �Ruination�, I have become more of a fan of Job For A Cowboy, and their musicianship has vastly improved,. One must recognize that this band will be going for it all in the death metal scene. 

   �Ruination� starts off with a bang from a drum fill to a guitar riff that knocks you back with  a heavy sound, but it doesn�t stop there. �Genesis� wasn�t an impressive album, but with �Ruination�, they have tied it all together with better rhythm and better sound. They are overall a better band. The sophomore jinx didn�t hit Job For A Cowboy as it does for most bands. Every track on the album starts hard and doesn�t stop until the track is done. For instance, the third track on the album �Constitutional Masturbation� starts with a heavy guitar power chord, but that�s not the most noticeable thing in the song. The incredibly fast double bass kicks off the song and from there it takes off into a insanely fast song. Job doesn�t stop once they  get going. The title track �Ruination� is a very laid back song with a slower tempo, but just because its not fast like the rest of the album that doesn�t mean it isn't heavy. It�s a very well put together song and one of the heaviest songs Job For A Cowboy has ever written. 

   Job For A Cowboy is a persistent band and shows no intention of slowing down from what they are currently doing. With heavy riffs, crazy drums and brutal vocals, Job For A Cowboy is becoming one of the most well known death metal bands around and are taking fans by surprise. Don�t let the name fool you. Job For A Cowboy is here to stay and make their stamp on all of metal. I am truly looking forward to more from this band after listing to �Ruination� because they have become a better band and will be making more great albums after this. �Ruination� is a great album - probably one of the best and heaviest albums in 2009. Look out - Job is here to stay and rock your world.    



1. "Unfurling a Darkened Gospel"

2. "Summon the Hounds" 

3. "Constitutional Masturbation" 

4. "Regurgitated Disinformation" 

5. "March to Global Enslavement" 

6. "Butchering the Enlightened" 

7. "Lords of Chaos" 

8. "Psychological Immorality" 

9. "To Detonate and Exterminate" 

10. "Ruination" 

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