Killswitch Engage cover


Killswitch Engage cover


Killswitch Engage cover

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 June 30th (U.S&Canada)


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Roadrunner Records (U.S & Canada) 


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The Killswitch Has Engaged

 On June 30th, Killswitch Engage released their 5th studio album entitled �Killswitch Engage�. Since 2000, Killswitch Engage has climbed up to win over fans with their brutal vocals, heavy guitars, and beating drums. Since the last release by Killswitch Engage, 2006�s �As Daylight Dies�, the band has been on tour constantly but still has enough time to make a new record and please their fans once again with a great release.

    From the previous two albums, 2004�s �The End of Heartache� and 2006�s �As Daylight Dies�, Killswitch Engage has taken a slightly melodic step in the new record and with softer and slower choruses. With this kind of sound, some fans find the new record not as heavy as �The End of Heartache� or �As Daylight Dies� and leaves some fans with  some disappointment. Lyrical wise, it is the same old Killswitch, meaningful lyrics that leaves a lot of people thinking about someone and thinking about something or someone close to them.

    The album starts out with a bang, heavy and gets the listener into the album, with a head banging sound to just put up their fists and rock out. The first song on the record entitled �Never Again� starts with heavy guitars and fast beating drums and heavy roars coming out, makes the listener want to instantly want to bang their head and rock out. The thing that is shocking in the opening track is that there is a guitar solo in it, Killswitch Engage is not known for guitar solo's but to hear a solo in the first track makes the listener say thinking,�wow�. The fist single off the new record, �Starting Over� is a softer sound to the band but up tempo with mostly screams through out most of the song. Lyrics are more in-depth than previous albums with much more meaning in them and along that comes down tempo songs to just relax to and not so much head bang. With the special edition out as well, it comes with one bonus track and three live recordings of the Dio cover �Holy Diver�, �My Curse�, and �Rose of Sharyn�, and the one recorded track �In A Dead World�.

    The latest Killswitch Engage is a must by for and Killswitch fan, its still very much heavy, very rocking and still another great Killswitch Engage album. Look forward to hearing more from Killswitch Engage because they show no stopping in making records, touring, and wont stop making their fans happy. They are still one of the leaders of the Metalcore leaders and definitely one the best Metalcore bands who wont stop doing what they want to do. 


1. "Never Again"

2. "Starting Over"

3. "The Forgotten"

4. "Reckoning"

5. "The Return"

6. "A Light In a Darkened World"

7. "Take Me Away"

8.  "I Would Do Anything"

9. "Save Me"

10. "Lost"

11. "This Is Goodbye"

12. "In a Dead World"*

13. "Rose of Sharyn (Live)"*

14. "My Curse (Live)"*

15.  "Holy Diver (Live)"*

* (Bonus Track)

Review By: Dylan Steiner


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