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Massive Agressive

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The Art of Partying (2007)

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 Hazardous Mutation (2005)

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Waste 'Em All  (2003)

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Municipal Waste E.P (2001)

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 In the eight years Municipal Waste has been together, they 

have been turning heads and gaining a loyal following since debuting in 2001.  Known for their high-energy live shows and unrelenting cross- over thrash/punk sound, Municipal Waste is on the front lines of re-claiming metal.  While supporting  their 3rd studio album, "The Art Of Partying", and currently touring with Lamb Of God, Municipal Waste came to Denver and tore the roof of the place.  Sonic Excess was on hand and spoke to front-man Tony Foresta:


Sonic Excess: So, how are your livers doing at this point in the tour?


Tony Foresta: Pretty good.  Well, actually terrible (laughs).  I'll have liver failure every once in a while.  It has been very exhausting.  We have a van and have been following the buses.  So we've been on many long drives.


S.E: Well, glad you made the haul. So here you are on the "No Fear Energy Music Tour" and Municipal Waste has brought a style that sounds like no one else on the bill.  Have you been noticing many of the metal-core fans, that have not heard of Municipal Waste, going in to see the headliners and leaving fans of you guys?


T.F: Definitely.  It starts out where the crowd is flicking us off and half way through the set, we're getting the goat horns. So we have been winning them over.  A lot of the crowd has never heard of us, so they are expecting the big breakdown part to come and we don't have that. We just play fast.


S.E: After this tour wraps up, is Municipal Waste going back into the studio?


T.F: Well, we actually just finished recording it, and they're starting to prep it.  We finished recording about two days before this tour started.


S.E:  It's called "Massive Aggressive" right?


T.F: Ya.


S.E: And when is the release date on that?


T.F: August 25th. We recorded 13 songs, and it's badass.  I am very proud of it.


S.E: 13 songs? Did you lengthen them a bit?


T.F: Na, not really.  Everything is right around the two-minute range.  We have one or two songs that are longer than normal, but it has the beef in it.


S.E: Do you have anything that has a different sound?


T.F: We tried to do something a bit different from the last two albums, and we switched it up.  People are going to be surprised, but I think in a good way.


S.E: So when can we expect the first single to be released?


T.F: That is a good question. I should ask somebody that.


SE:  I am guessing that Municipal Waste will be hitting the road non-stop for a while, in support of "Massive Aggressive". Do you have any festival dates over in Europe this summer?


T.F: Yes, that's what the plan is now. After this tour, we are going to be all over Europe.


S.E: When can we expect Municipal Waste to tour the U.S. on a headlining or co- headlining tour?


T.F: Maybe in November.


S.E: You are from the same city as Lamb Of God (Richmond, VA). Did you guys grow up together and everyone knew who everyone was?


T.F: I grew up in Florida, but by the time I moved to Richmond was about the time Burn The Priest (Lamb Of Gods previous band name) started. So I have seen them play house party shows.  I have known those dudes forever, but we started out about 5 years after they did. But we have never played with Lamb Of God until this year.  Richmond has so many good bands, and everyone just knows one another. So it is a very tight-knit community.  It is a small town, but it�s filled with a lot of creative people.


S.E: You mentioned Lamb Of God playing house shows.  I am sure Municipal Waste has caused much more destruction at house parties than Lamb Of God has.


T.F: We have played some rowdy house shows. We played a burnt down house once. So that was really cool.


S.E: Well you had the foundation as a stage, right?


T.F: No, it was a house that was burnt out. Shit was falling from the roof as we played, and people just ran out. We just ran extension cords though the house. It was definitely the sketchiest shit we have ever played.


S.E: I could not imagined why.


T.F: Laughs (but not as much as I was laughing when listing to the story).


S.E: When Municipal Waste started out, did you just start jamming the music you love or did you say this is a genre that needs to be invented?


T.F: At the time, no one was doing this.  It was just us, and we said we need to do something like this.  It was 2000, and to us, metal was just bad around that time. So we were just having fun on a small scale, and it just took off. People just got really into it. But, of course, we starting doing it because we love the music.


S.E: So, do you have any last words for your fans?



T.F: Come check us out with Lamb Of God!


Photos and Interview by: Brandon Marshall 




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