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 Need I say more? How do I write a brief summary on ROB HALFORD? With a career spanning over 40 years, inventing a genre, and writing some of the most memorable songs in history, making JUDAS PRIEST and ROB HALFORD household names, the one true "METAL GOD" could easily have volumes published about him.  With his strong work ethic, five-octave vocal range, and enduring, undeniable talent, HALFORD is a living legend; revered by metal and non-metal fans alike. HALFORD has always stuck to his guns; on his own terms. ROB HALFORD also truly loves the genre he was instrumental in creating and never fakes it or phones it in.  HALFORD bleeds metal both on and off stage.

 On a sleepy, snowy afternoon in December, ROB HALFORD called us from his home in San Diego to discuss HALFORD's third studio album entitled "WINTER SONGS". When I first heard that the "METAL GOD" was releasing a Christmas-themed album, I was not surprised, given that he has never limited himself, but I was a bit skeptical until my first listen.  From the opening track, it rocked me back in my seat. I never thought I would be banging my head to Christmas music, but, of course, HALFORD put the metal in Christmas. "WINTER SONGS" was only one of the several topics we discussed.  Listen to the chat below:


Interview by: Brandon Marshall

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