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 November 2nd (Europe)


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SLAYER-World Painted Blood

 American thrash titans, Slayer, have been one of the most influential, if not the most influential, and infamous thrash bands throughout their twenty six year long career, with such memorable albums as "Reign in Blood", "Seasons in the Abyss", and "God Hates Us All", and a slew of other classic songs and albums. On November 3rd, (November 2nd in Europe,) the kings of thrash have returned for their 10th studio album entitled "World Painted Blood". It has been three years since Slayer's last release, "Christ Illusion", and Slayer has traveled around the world leaving a wake of carnage and mayhem wherever they go, headlining such festivals as the "Rockstar Mayhem Energy Drink Tour"  the "Unholy Alliance Tour", along with a successful solo tour. 

 "World Painted Blood" opens up with the title track, an eerie, almost "Hell Awaits" style intro with spoken Latin and background screams, that sends chills down the listener's spine. After the 1:00 mark, a sonic explosion, with an unrelenting, post-apocalyptic lyrical theme, continues until the very end of the album. "World Painted Blood" resembles classic SLAYER and is a mix between "South of Heaven" and "Seasons in the Abyss", including quite a few "Reign in Blood" undertones . "World Painted Blood" also includes punk influences that Slayer was inspired by in their early days. Slayer continues their earlier consistencies, but they also include a few new sounds that fit well into "World Painted Blood". The track "Snuff", takes right off with a solo and sinister rhythms that sound right off of "Reign In Blood". "Beauty Through Order" tells the tale of 15th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a theme that has been touched on many times dating back to Venom. Slayer gave their unique take on the subject of  this Hungarian royal known to murder her servants and bathe in their blood in order to achieve vanity. "Beauty Though Order" also includes a "Ghosts of War" style break down. "Public Display of Dismemberment" is pure Slayer and is an instant classic, one of the fastest, most aggressive Slayer songs to date. Drum guru, Dave Lombardo, is unrelenting with a technical style and human feel that is made for Slayer. Lombardo also has a few blast beats thrown into "World Painted Blood". Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King wrote separately, and split the album up .With  Hanneman's darker and heavy style, mixed with King's aggressive approach,  makes for a diverse album that does not sound like one long song from start to finish. Screaming vocalist and bassist Tom Araya sounds well rested and sings with raw emotion and anger. Araya may not be able to hit the high screams like he used to, but he still sounds amazing. Araya  uses spoken words more frequently on "World Painted Blood" and actually harmonizes during the intro of "Playing With Dolls", a traditional Slayer love song about necrophilia and brutal murder. Slayer is not stranger to modern chaos, and the lyrical themes are very dark and disturbing, fitting the current times with tracks like "Americon", "Human Strain", and "Hate Worldwide". No Slayer album with be complete without a King style anti-christian anthem,  and "Not Of This God" makes "World Painted Blood" complete. 

Slayer has done it again with "World Painted Blood", writing another metal masterpiece. I personally think this is Slayer's strongest release since their 1990 album "Seasons In the Abyss". The consistency of Slayer, throughout their 26 year career, has made them what they are. A band that is true to their sound, with no frills thrown in between. Slayer sounds like Slayer and are almost never a let down. My top picks on "World Painted Blood" are "Snuff""Public Display of Dismemberment", "Unit 731", "Psychopathy Red", "Playing With Dolls", and the title track "World Painted Blood".

 Track Listing:

1.  "World Painted Blood"

2. "Unit 731"

3. "Snuff"

4. "Beauty Through Order"

5. "Hate Worldwide"

6. "Public Display of Dismemberment"

7. "Human Strain"

8. "Americon"

9. "Psychopathy Red"

10. "Playing with Dolls"

11.  "Not of This God"

Review By: Brandon Marshall 


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