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 May 25th (US&Canada)

 May 24th  (Europe)

Record Label: Roadrunner (US)


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 Over the past 12 years and after seven studio albums, SOULFLY has carved out a place in metal history with a consistent tour, record and release schedule that has made them one of the hardest working bands in metal. Fronted by MAX CAVALERA (Ex-Vocalist/Guitar for Brazilian thrash band SEPULTURA), SOULFLY offers a distinctive sound, blending Brazilian undertones with a unique avant-garde and metal sound. For the first four albums, SOULFLY struggled to find their sound, until releasing the groundbreaking  "DARK AGES". Since then, they have stuck to the formula of unrelenting groove and thrash metal. On May 25th (May 24th in Europe) SOULFLY will see the release of their 8th studio album entitled "OMEN".


 "OMEN" follows in the same tradition as SOULFLY'S three previous albums and listens more like DARK AGES 2. OMEN is aggressive, dark, furious, and unrelenting up until the final track, "SOULFLY VII"; an instrumental that has become a staple to all of SOULFLY’S previous releases. "OMEN" shows fewer guest appearances, with "RISE OF THE FALLEN" (GREG PUCIATO of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN)and "LETHAL INJECTION" (TOMMY VICTOR of PRONG), and shorter songs with a more traditional CAVALERA style and sound. Lyrically, "OMEN" reflects the times, angry and aggressive. CAVALERA has given up his inspirational lyrics and replaced them with cannibalistic violence, matching the furious riffs and tempos while tying in with groove. The bonus disk offers a DVD with a full concert set from the Full Force Festival in Germany on July 3, 2009.



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  CAVALERA has stuck with the formula that worked for him during his era with SEPULTURA, a sound and tone he cannot escape. "OMEN" offers a hybrid mix between "CHAOS A.D." and "DARK AGES". Staying with a solid line-up has given SOULFLY their definitive sound. Next to "DARK AGES", OMEN is this reviewer's favorite SOULFLY release. But this is my opinion, go pick up "OMEN" and judge for yourself.


 Track Listing:

1. "Bloodbath & Beyond"

2. "Rise of the Fallen" (Featuring Greg Puciato of  The  Dillinger Escape Plan)

3. "Great Depression"

4. "Lethal Injection" (Featuring Tommy Victor of  Prong)

5.  "Kingdom"  

6. "Jeffrey Dahmer"

7. "Off With Their Heads"  

8. "Vulture Culture"

9. "Mega-Doom"  

10. "Counter Sabotage"  

11.  "Armed And Dangerous"


Deluxe Edition DVD: Live at the With Full Force Festival, Germany – July 3, 2009

Review By: Brandon Marshall  


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