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The Warbeast is unleashed on April 27th (US)

Warbeast Group Photos | WARBEAST- May 1 Austin CD Release Show @ Dirty Dog

 WARBEAST is a new band with an old sound, featuring members from RIGOR MORTIS, WARLOCK, GAMMACIDE, and DEMONSEED. You can say they are a Dallas, Texas based super-group, and you can call them pure, unrelenting metal, but don't mistake them for a new- resurgence thrash band. WARBEAST's debut album "KRUSH THE ENEMY" will hit shelves on April 27th via HOUSECORE RECORDS.

 During a promotion tour, guitarist Rick Perry spoke with Sonic Excess about the origins of WARBEAST, the recording process, and many other topics. Read the chat below.

Sonic Excess: WARBEAST was formed under the name "TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE" for a one-time show. Did that go over so well   that you formed "WARBEAST", or was that a bit more premeditated?

Rick Perry: Well, just to give you the background and for people who may not be familiar, SCOTT SHELB, who is the second guitarist for WARBEAST, and I had a band throughout the 1980's and 1990's called GAMMACIDE. BRUCE CORBITT, our vocalist, was in a band called RIGOR MORTIS. We had been playing hardcore, thrash-metal for a long time. Both of our bands, RIGOR MORTIS and GAMMACIDE, played a reunion show around 2005/2006, and we had a great time. Right around this time, one of our friends, who was in a band called HAMMER WITCH, was in a serious motorcycle accident. So we got together and did a benefit show to help him out. Some of the members in GAMMACIDE were out-of-state and some of the guys in RIGOR MORTIS were unavailable, so SCOTT SHELBY, myself, and BRUCE CORBITT got together with some guys from other Texas metal bands. We just played covers from all of our old bands, and it went over great. It was a successful gig. The place was packed, and people loved it. After it was over, SCOTT SHELBY, myself, and BRUCE CORBITT decided that we had such a good time doing it that we wanted to carry on. For a while, we were playing songs by our old bands, but it was not long until we started to write new stuff.  

SE: WARBEAST's debut album "KRUSH THE ENEMY", is due out on April 27th. What is the European release date, and which formats will it be released in?

Rick Perry: I am not sure if the European date is different or not, so I would have to check with the label on that and get back with you. I know it is going to be available on CD and vinyl, and of course it will be available for download. 





Warbeast opening for Down in Austin 8-24-09 | Photo by Gregg Maston - Copyright 2009  | WARBEAST- May 1 Austin CD Release Show @ Dirty Dog | The Governor 

Photo by: Gregg Maston

SE: WARBEAST recently shot a video. What is the concept behind it? Also, when and where will it be released?

Rick Perry: It got released today. There is a posting on BLABBERMOUTH.NET, and you can view it on YouTube. We wanted our first video to be a straightforward representation of the band live. It is just raw and hardcore. We are just doing what we do and giving the people that are outside of Texas a chance to see what WARBEAST is all about. When you take a look at it, you'll clearly will see that it is about spikes, leather, and ferocious thrash-metal. We shot the video in the warehouse that we practice in, and it was a one day shoot with a friend of ours. We just want to show everyone who WARBEAST is. It does not have a storyline, or anything like that. It is quick and to the point. 


SE: WARBEAST is a super-group with members from RIGOR MORTIS, DEMONESS, and of course you played with GAMMACIDE and WARLOCK. Do you view WARBEAST as a Texas super-group?

Rick Perry: Not really. When we called it TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE, it was because back in the 1980's GAMMACIDE and RIGOR MORTIS were rivals, eventhough we respected each other. It was, in a sense, us coming together and joining forces. So, I don't view WARBEAST as a super-group. We have all been doing this for a longtime, and we have been in the trenches. So it's not like we are superstars. We are just people who have been doing this forever, and we eat, bleed, and sweat thrash. 

SE: What do you hope WARBEAST will bring to the Dallas/Ft.Worth metal scene?

Rick Perry: We will always represent Texas. Texas has always been a state of independent people. I don't know how many times Texas has tried to secede from the Union. Throughout history, Texas has been independent, saying "screw it, we are gonna do it our way". You can see that in the music that comes from Texas as well. We are far removed from the fashion centers of the East and West Coasts. Out in the blazing heat, we forge our own metal and do it our own style. We are just going to do what we do and represent our state.







SE: WARBEAST is signed to HOUSECORE RECORDS, which is owned by PHILLIP ANSELMO. Phillip does not strike me as the executive type who sits behind a desk and only signs bans that will  make a lot of money. What was his involvement during the whole process, and what is the overall vibe at HOUSECORE RECORDS?

Rick Perry: It's a real family oriented thing. And your right, he formed his label as an outlet for his many solo projects. I think he got the idea to release the music by some of his friends. He is not scouting other bands to sign, but if he believes in it and likes it he will do it. RIGOR MORTIS played some shows with one of his bands, ARSON ANTHEM, and BRUCE CORBITT gave him a demo tape of WARBEAST. He loved the music and wanted to sign us to HOUSECORE RECORDS. We have known PHIL ANSELMO for twenty- something years. We were shopping other labels, and once he said that he wanted to sign us, we did not even consider anyone else. As for his input, he did not mess with the music that much. We made demos of all the songs, and he listened to them. He made suggestions, as far as some of the arrangements. He worked with BRUCE CORBITT a lot on vocals, obviously that is his area of expertise, and he wanted to make the choruses more prominent. He said he wanted to "blow them up into massive metal anthems". That is something I like about the CD, it is fast and heavy, but there is alot of care put into the songs. These are songs with  verses, choruses, and breaks in the beginning, middle, and end.      

SE: You have been waving the thrash flag for some time now. What is your opinion on the new resurgence of thrash?

Rick Perry: I love it! I am familiar with the newer bands like MERCELESS DEATH and MORRISIDE. These are bands that are so young that they obviously couldn't have experienced it the first time around, and yet they are making sure that they have everything down pat. I love it, but I still think the best stuff is coming from the originators like SLAYER and EXODUS. I'm glad that there are young kids into it.

SE: Will WARBEAST be doing a full US and European tour in support of "KRUSH THE ENEMY"?

Rick Perry: We have some contacts with different booking agents that we are talking to, and we are trying to get on a big tour to expose ourselves to the masses. At first, we are just going to do hardcore, regional style, small mini-tours. Once the CD is out a little while, we will go on to something bigger.

SE: Any last words?

Rick Perry: Thank you, and I hope that everyone checks out WARBEAST. For us, metal is blazing fast. It should intimidate the listener, as well as empower the listener. That is what we sought out to do. "KRUSH THE ENEMY" is our mission statement, our ten commandments of metal.

Interview By: Brandon Marshall  


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