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June 8th (US&Canada)

 June 7th  (Europe)

Record Label:Metal Blade  (US)

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A New Era of Corruption



A dynamic group of six young guys exploded on the Tennessee extreme metal scene in 2006; the name is WHITECHAPEL and they are here to stay.

After releasing their debut album in 2007 via the English Indie Label "Siege of Amida" several major Record Labels took notice and the band landed a contract with Metal Blade Records for their 2008 release "This Is Exile"

"A New Era of Corruption" is WHITECHAPEL's second studio release under the metal blade flagship name with a release date of June 8th 2010 (US).

More isn't always better, but in WHITECHAPEL's case, it works. Guitar duties are split between three talented marksmen and it reflects in their music.

The riffs are sometimes melodic, technical other times and I would say more memorable then in their prior releases. And since there are three guitars, songs like "End of Flesh" and  "A Future Corrupt" creates a harmony that is pleasing to the ear.

Might be to slow or mid paced for the average death-core crowd but I believe with their new release WHITECHAPEL showed that they are not just a bunch of kids playing their instruments uncontrollably, but that they progressed as serious musicians.

Phil Bozeman pulls out all of the stops vocally. In my opinion this is his strongest performance yet. He uses more of his low death metal growls then the high pitched squealing sounds some of his peers in the genre are relying on, a definite plus in my book.  The few and in-between hard core chants and screams are well placed and are more prominent in "Breeding Violence" then any other song on the album.

And again, like in so many other new releases of any genre nowadays, the bass guitar is not notable at all or fades in the background, which is really a shame. Anybody who has seen WHITECHAPEL live on stage knows that Gabe is THE man behind the bass.

A very positive aspect of this new release is the drumming. None of the songs are overdrawn with blast beats, they are placed when needed and not used as fillers. Very refreshing for a band that plays this type of music. "Unnerving" is a prime example of what I mean.

"End of Flesh" and "Prayer of Mockery" are my favorites on the album. It's hard to choose because every song has that little something which appeals to my ear. I bet WHITECHAPEL had a hard time to decide which song makes the cut, hence an album with a little over 46 minutes of running time.

Give it a listen, even if you are not a death-core, hard-core or what-ever-core fan, it might surprise you. And if you like the album make sure to catch them live this year on the on the VANS WARPED TOUR.


Track Listing:

1. Devolver

2. Breeding Violence 

3. The Darkest Day of Man

4. Reprogrammed to Hate 

5.  End of Flesh 

6. Unnerving

7. A Future Corrupt

8. Prayer of Mockery

9. Murder Sermon

10. Nercomechanical  

11.Single File to Dehumanization

Review By: Brigit Haugen


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